May 4, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame... I cant have peanuts or cracker jacks...

Hello everyone!  It is a beautiful day in Minnesota and I am so excited because my son's first baseball game of the season is tonight.  I love watching him play. His team won the championship last year, so it should be another fun year.  Hopefully I can remember to take some pictures!
I also have a job interview tonight!  It is a position I am very unsure of, but has more to do with what I am going to school for than what I do now and will also get me off the computer and around people again.  So Im excited to see what comes of it.
So... I am doing this diet from my dr... and I am realizing it is not a liquid diet like some of you have done.  It is just a starvation diet.  Like 800 calories type of starvation.  This is the plan - protien shake for breakfast, sugarfree applesauce for snack, protien shake for lunch, jello for snack, and protien shake for dinner.  The lady that gave it to me said I could have a Lean Cuisine for dinner instead, so yesterday I made turkey stuffed green peppers- the stuffing is only turkey meat, spices, peppers and onions sliced up.  I think they are less than 150 cals per pepper and have to be more healthy than a Lean Cuisine.  Plus, I love the taste, so I am trying to just look forward to that tonight. It hasn't been too bad, tho its been one day and I did cheat with an ARTICHOKE last night already. :) Tho, I cant imagine an artichoke is cheating... Right?
I miss coffee!  I have headaches.
I bought myself the cooolest water bottle from Caribou Coffee to make up for no treats.
And I really, really like it.  Isnt it cool?
I have been drinking water all day and I look really nice doing it. ;)

Which reminds me... I need to put up some pictures of me. 
And my son (ITSY), and the Hubs. 
And my three cats and two dogs... Milo, Gracie, Fancy, Fleurry, and Fletcher.

One more thing for today... I have decided to spend all of the time I am going to have with not going to school on doing one thing a week to make myself a better person.  This morning I did my thing for this week.  I bought face cream.  Yeah.  I know I won't win any humanitarian awards for this, but I also know that I will be 33 in almost one month. I have not taken good care of my skin and I want to try and make this a habit.
Plus, I need to take my mind off of food. Maybe if I keep slathering myself it will make me feel better?
I bought Garnier Skin Renew Anti Sun Damage and Skin Renew Radiance Moisture Cream.

Ill let you know if I see a difference. :)

I hope you all have a beautiful, gorgeous, and sunny day!


  1. Hopefully your son has another successful year. Good luck on your interview.