May 14, 2010

My gardens...

One thing I am really, really enjoying about no longer being in college is the ability to finally get out and work in my gardens and not feel bad about it!
I decided to post some pics for you all today since the sun is finally out in MN, so a'gardenin I will be tonight and hopefully all weekend! Happy Friday!
Remember, I live in Minnesota so we have not really hit growing season- in fact they tell us not to plant until after May 15th when the last frost can happen!!! 
This whole thing will look completely different in just a few weeks!
My yard to the right- I hope to lay down mulch under the crap apple tree this weekend! 
My yard to the left... needs mucho work. Our yard is huge!  But it will be done someday.
Here is the middle of my yard.   
I really love how this is coming together!
I did something fun last weekend that I have never done before...
I threw three packets of sunflower seeds into my gardens and I am going to wait and see if any of them just happen to "take" and make pretty sunflowers for us to enjoy!!!
Wanna see my plan for this weekend? Its kinda sad right now!
I am going to plant all around this deck. 
One of our friends had a perrenial sale last weekend and I am going to go see what I can salvage from her leftovers. :) 
Have I mentioned I love gardening?
Have I mentioned that I love it even more when it doesn't cost any money?

BTW,S orry I keep reposting and editing all my blogs so much- I hope it doesn't do anything weird.  I am attempting to figure out how to make things look best.


  1. I hope you have a blast with the gardening this weekend. It's so crazy, to me, to think that I was "late" getting mine started/whipped into shape and that happened over a month ago...and other people in the US are just barely getting started!

  2. Love the back yard! Can't wait to see the "after" pics!

  3. I wish I liked gardening. I like how everything looks when it's done, but I don't like digging in the dirt. Lucky for me, my husband does. :-)