May 4, 2010

Is this normal? Or, am I a wimp?

I am actually getting ready to post pictures... but I need to ask this.
Did your legs ache...  kill on this diet thingy before surgery?
I have a headache, which I know is from caffeine, sugar, fun withdrawl...
But, this... this pain in my legs is unbearable.  I know I am getting enough water- my awesome new water bottle is definitely helping with that... so I know it isnt dehydration.
I weighed myself and I am down from 243.whatever (with no clothes on) on Sunday to 237 (with clothes on) this afternoon.  That is six pounds in a day and a half.  Is that normal too?
I want to walk tomorrow and maybe even go to the club, but if my legs feel like this... I dont know.

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  1. 6 lbs in one day = me jealous. Keep it up!