April 29, 2010


So- I had my preop meeting today.
And that should be GOOD news, right?

But its not.

Because I have gained 8 lbs since my first meeting with the bariatric center!

And the worst part about it... I don't know how.  They want me to start a two week liquid diet as of Monday (my dr doesnt require one usually) and I am more than willing to do that, but here's the problem... I dont know if I am actually having surgery in two weeks!  I don't want to suffer through that just to find out I am having surgery June 17th.
So, here is what I am thinking.  I am done with school next week.  Everything needs to be handed in on Monday.  I actually graduate on Friday.  My life will be so much calmer in one week. 

Maybe I should just call the bariatric center and tell them I would rather do the surgery in June?  That would give me over a month to lose the 9 lbs, which I know I can easily do if I just move my butt a lot a little and stop drinking pop and mixed coffee drinks to try and stay awake.
It sucks, but I wonder if it would help with my stress.

Ugh, I dont know what to do...

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  1. It's hard to say what would work best for you. You can definitely lose the 10 lbs on a 2 week liquid diet. But if your head isn't in the right place to get the surgery, it might be better to wait.