April 29, 2010

Is that really me?

Haha- I made a Vlog.  Its gross and will be destroyed... I think.  If I grow some balls I might post it.... :)  I did it on my phone and the sound and mouth dont match up.  In addition- I have my study hair on... which involves pigtails and a randomly placed bobbypin.
I also cannot believe how tired I look.  Exhausted is probably a better word for it.  BAGS... under my eyes.
Amazing how getting to see yourself the way others see you is an eye opener.  I keep trying to figure out why I am so tired and constantly craving caffeine.  I am beating myself up for it and then I see this video.
I AM like this BECAUSE I AM TIRED... EXTREMELY tired.  I am working my ass off ( though, clearly not literally based on my weight gain... bahrumpum-ting) and my body is suffereing. HELLO!  I should feel like crap.  What in this world has made me think I shouldn't?
Thanks again guys! <3

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