April 28, 2010

Everything is handed in...

Just spoke to the lady at the hospital- I have everything handed in so she is scheduling me for surgery on May 13th, but it is TENTATIVE.  So I am still in limbo... maybe even more.
The insurance company has 4-8 weeks to get back to them on an approval.  The next time I can have my surgery done is June 17th, which seems so far away... but I am actually ok with that.
I had wanted the surgery as early as possible in the summer for a family reunion I am going to at the end of July- as well as numerous events to attend with high school friends etc.  But, I have reached an Epiphany.  It is ok if it is not until June because I have time to work on making some life changes that I have yet to perfect.  This is a lifetime journey and if there is anything reading all of these blogs have told me, it is that you have to do the work alongside the band.  The majority of people I see struggling on here have not made life changes- they are still stuck on even the littlest life choices.  I need to work on some of these myself - specifically Frappe's from McDonalds. :)  These little babies taste like the nectar of the GODs, but have 450 calories in 12 oz.  CRAZY!!!
I also really need to work on my exercise.  Namely, I have done NONE.  I am in my last week of finals and all I do is sit and look at the computer.  I even brought the laptop to Itsy's baseball practice last night to do last minute changes to a paper.  But, school is almost done, so yeah!
I might need help daydreaming of some things to do once I dont have school and homework taking up every second of the day.  I am definitely going to need a hobby!
Thanks to all of the people,  the hundreds  the six of you following me now- you give me hope... and also some help to know there are others out there like me.  I feel very alone in this waiting period - mainly because I don't want to tell anyone and then get denied.  So truly... thx. :)


  1. Good attitude. Hard to pull off..I didn't even try. :) I wanted the band right now and that was all there was to it and that led to a lot of frustration with the insurance company. It does seem, though, that most people end up getting what they want...so if you can approach it peacefully like you are, then you are going to be miles ahead of me! That's awesome!

    Wow 450 calories in 12oz? That's insane.

    Yay for school almost being done! Woohoo!!!

    Hope is a good thing! Hang onto it and we are here for you!!

  2. Hey, Kristi - I know it's so hard to wait. I probably won't be getting banded until late June or July and I've been going through insurance crap for going on 5 months. I will be so glad when this is over. If you want to get some more followers, put a comment on one of Amy W's post asking for them and you'll probably get more than you can handle.