February 5, 2010


Im really worried I am not going to get approved for surgery. I qualify with my weight and I am in the process of getting checked for sleep apnea, but I am missing the two year history. My husband hasnt had a job in the last two years and I didn't really use the dr with the insurance I had because I was afraid of getting extra bills from it. In turn, I also have not had the money to do any diet programs that cost money. I have tried all the regular stuff on my own- not drinking pop, not eating certain foods( liek being a vegetarian, only eating protien... etc) I have tried Slim Fast, Special K protien water, exercising- many things... just no record of them. I hope my insurance co does not look at this and think I have not tried!!!
It is so fun to look at all of the girls on here and the success they are having with the band! I hope that is me too. It makes me wonder what happens to the people who have complications though. Are there just not truly that many complications? Are they just not bloggers? Or, worst case scenario- do they die? I mean - seriously?

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