June 1, 2010

I have a question for you....

Do any of you feel like your persona on your blog is so different than what you are in real person?
In real person I am fun, happy, and pretty easy going.  I don't really tell people what is bothering me- instead I just carry it around.. or at least I used to until I found this blog.
Here I spill it all... often without thinking.  I get it out here and then move on with my day.
Is that why I am not getting followers?
Is this blog too negative?
I actually have two other blogs- one about books and one that I am developing for my extended family and Facebook friends to read.  I don't talk like this at those.
I guess in a way it doesn't matter if anyone likes reading this or not.  My mind feels clearer and it is easier to figure things out when I write on here.
And that's what matters.
BTW!  I ran tonight- a HALF MILE!!!! And, it was after I had already walked 1.5 miles.
I am SOOOOO proud of myself.
Crazy thing is- even with all of this exercise and making better food choices... I am not losing weight.
I am even keeping track of what I eat at ADailyPlate.com - AND NO WEIGHT LOSS.
But I am so proud of myself right now I don't care. :)


  1. It's got to be extremely frustrating to be doing so well, but not losing weight. I hope your hard work starts showing up soon. As far as followers, I found that commenting on other blogs , leaving my link and asking for more followers seemed to help.

  2. I am with Bonnie. I found that commenting on others blogs with your link was great in finding followers. It would also appear that the more active a person is the more followers they have. As for the negativity, I find that I bitch a lot on here too to get it out. I just balance it with fun. I think it is important for us to go through all of the emotions even if it is here. Those who read our blogs can be so supportive when we need it.

  3. Keep up the hard work - eventually your body will realize you are helping and not hurting...

    As for the followers - like Bonnie and Heather said, I see a direct correlation to picking up followers and leaving comments with my blog. I, also, am funny, happy-go-lucky, and just not nearly so heavy or whatever it is that seems to come across in my blog. I can't get my written word to adequately convey my personality like some of our superstars can. I need to vlog so that people can put this together but haven't done it yet. No matter what, I agree, this is a great place to get it out there and work through things, so even though I'm not seen as I really am, I'm ok with that because this blog helps me immensely with this process. In Chicago people will start to get the real me, I hope - and hopefully I can get a vlog up soon!

  4. I think it's wonderful you use your blog as an outlet for the stuff you bottle up, it's healthy to have the outlet. And as far as followers, I don't have many either, but the ones who do follow me are very supportive and that means more than a lot of followers, just my own two cents. ;o)