March 2, 2010

Well, I haven't been on here because I went to meet with my surgeon and he said he highly doubted I would be ok'd for surgery. My regular dr ended up writing me a letter and now the woman in charge of insurance writing thinks that I will be ok. So who knows? I have no idea what to think. She is waiting on my psych eval. I will be so sad if I have put all of this time, and not to mention, MONEY - into this and it won't work. But I guess I will take it as a sign. If I am not ok'd for this- I will begin something else. At least I am pursueing some health concerns that have been bothering me for awhile. This also has put into perspective for me just how unhappy I am. I think this waiting, combined with way too much stress is causing me to even be unhappier.
I meet with the psychologist again on Friday soI am guessing I should know by next week- and if Im approved- be prepared for some blogging maddness to begin!!! :)

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